Coronavirus and your wedding dress: Will it be ready?

If you’re planning a wedding, you’re likely in the thick of coronavirus concerns. Will the venue be open and will you be allowed to have so many guests?

Add to that list concerns about the wedding dress itself.

Most of the wedding gowns used in American weddings are made in China and the coronavirus played havoc with their factories.

While production is now ramping up again, there were weeks with low turnout and there’s now concern about delays in people getting dresses.

They are typically inexpensive dresses that are sold online through sites like wish.com, Instagram and others.

Wedding experts say before you buy a dress, know where it is coming from.

Now Italy could also be a concern as the country has been hit hard by the virus.

Experts say going with a local bridal shop now can alleviate most of those concerns. They say many shops have suppliers in different places and can find something that may be more available.

Check bridal shop reputations by word-of-mouth and through online reviews.

Also, wedding insurance may not cover a missing dress.

If you’re considering insurance, ask about the coronavirus specifically and get their coverage in writing.

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